Four GenerationsMatt, Cody, Gary, Doug, Billy, and Chyle Costello


Gary Costello and his brother Billy followed in their father's footsteps when it came to their occupation. Their father, Doug, had done the same with his father.

It was the Despression. John W. Costello had lost his job and lost his house because he could not pay the $450 he owed on it. Now he had to find a way to provide for his wife and four children.

Tom Warren approached Costello with the proposition to buy a house to which Costello replied that he had no money for a down payment. Warren's response, "Who said anything about a down payment?"

It was then that Costello began what would become a way of life for four generations of rock layers. It has proven to be a good trail to follow. Doug says, "I did a good job, and I have never been without a job." And Doug's sons can attest to that as well.

Although Gary Costello and his brother Billy fully intended to send their sons to college to pursue a different vocation than their own, Matt and Cody, along with Cody's brother Chyle, realized this trade was in their blood. The younger Costellos agree that it gives them great pride to see evidence of their work - even work done by their fathers, grandfather, and great-grandfather - still standing.

Masonry may well be one of those trades that will disappear over time. It is hard work and hot at times. But this work has brought the Costellos in contact with some of the area's rich and famous. They did the patio at the home of Country Music Legend, Loretta Lynn; some work at the home of Rocker Roy Orbison; stone work for Opry Legend, Grandpa Jones; and Kentucky's own PGA Golf Pro Kenny Perry.

As Matt and Cody carry on this time-honored trade, the family continues to leave its mark in stone with the skill and beauty of specialized stone laying. With hard labor and dedication to producing beautiful stone work, this masonry business is truly a family affair.

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